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MS Access 2007,2010,2013,2016 Metadata for 'Table or Query' list

I couldn't find anything where someone has submitted an idea yet and solution proposed by Paul N. ( does not work when attempting through Alteryx (that SQL works directly in MS Access).


I'd like that have the metadata option similar to xlsx input where you can output a list of all the tables in the file.  That data can then be used for a dynamic input to iterate through those different tables in a more automated solution.  As an example, if I have a list of accdb's that I want to parse through to scan the contained data for something of interest, I'd have to currently view each table one by one for each database which is highly time consuming.  Whereas if I had that table list from the metadata, I could loop through those searches must faster by using the full file path as the iteration. 


Thank you

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6 - Meteoroid

I wanted to share that I came across a viable solution that has some metadata options (although not all).  You can map the SP URL as a network drive and then use the Directory tool to read the metadata from that drive.  For my use case, I only care about documents that are saved in a SP so this allows me to pull down the specifics I need to see (file name, path, creation time, etc.).