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MORE POWER TO THE CONNECTION TOOL: Connection Tool to be used as a Selection Tool

One of the tools that I use the most is the SELECT tool because I normally get large data sets with fields that I won't be using for a specific analysis or with fields that need re-naming. In the same way, sometimes Alteryx will mark a field in a different type than the one I need (e.g. date field as string). That's when the SELECT comes in handy.


However, often times when dealing with multiple sources and having many SELECT tools on your canvas can make the workflow look a little "crowded". Not to mention adding extra tools that will need later explanation when presenting/sharing your canvas with others. That is why my suggestion is to give the CONNECTION tool "more power" by offering some of the functionality found in the SELECT tool.

Select Tool 2.png





















For instance, if one of the most used features of the SELECT tool is to choose the fields that will move through the workflow, then may be we can make that feature available in the CONNECTION tool. Similarly, if one of the most used features (by Alteryx users) is to re-name fields or change the field type, then may be we can make that available in the CONNECTION tool as well.


Select Tool.png


At the end, developers can benefit from speeding up workflow development processes and end-users will benefit by having cleaner workflows presented to them, which always help to get the message across.



What do you guys think? Any of you feel the same? Leave your comments below.

7 - Meteor

I completely agree. This was one of the things that annoyed me most when starting with Alteryx. You should be able to rename fields in most tools.

7 - Meteor

 Thanks AR, hoping someone from Alteryx sees it that way too.


Best Regards,

11 - Bolide

+1. Agreed. 

7 - Meteor

Thank you for the comments and the stars!

8 - Asteroid

I think the Select tool has it already, you can write sql queries, use visual query builder etc.. to select fields  you want. 

7 - Meteor

Hello Ashish, would you mind sharing an example or URL that shows how that work, only using the selection tool?



8 - Asteroid



I am sorry for the wrong comment, when I said "select" tool, I meant "Input" tool. 

Also, I realize that the Input tool does not have all the features you are asking for in a way that alteryx should have ( I've been using SQL queries for a long time have become used to editing them but alteryx should make it easier for everyone.)


Therefore I now agree to your idea and starring it. Anyway I am adding some instructions below who are struggling and could use them.


In the Input tool we have four options when I am using SQL server as my data source and three options when I am using excel file as my data source. I realize now that it may be possible that all data source do not have all the options, but I have added some screenshots for SQL server. Hope this helps.


The following window appears when you use an Input tool to select a table from a database.


Alteryx Select tool 1.pngAlteryx Select tool 2.png

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Not Planned

Hi All,


Thanks for the feedback and idea. We don't plan on implementing this at this time, but we'll keep it in mind for a future design.