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Join on date range

I am aware there are posts on this in the community and that there is a macro available to do this on the public gallery, however I think this is such important functionality that it should be incorporated into the main product.  I want to be able to join 2 data sources by a date range.  In SQL the code would look like this:


select ric.*,map.*
Staging.TicksHourlySummary ric
LEFT OUTER JOIN Reference.ReutersInstrumentCodeMap map
on (
ric.#RIC = map.ReutersInstrumentCode
and ric.[Datetime] >= map.EffectiveFromDate
and ric.[Datetime] < map.EffectiveToDate




Alteryx Certified Partner

Yes - the workaround (to create all dates and perform a join) can unnecessarily bloat a workflow with unneeded rows. We've had to export to SQL, do the join, then bring it back into Alteryx for some large data sets.


Agree - the limitation of only being able to join where one field on the left = another field on the right causes a lot of problems for us. Many of our joins require dates to be between effective start and end dates.  This is a feature even tableau prep already has.