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Iterative Container

Here's a twist on the iterative macro.  Suppose, like a generate rows tool, you could initialize a container to iterate on it's internal processes without having to construct a macro?  The container could include anchors for iterations and for output and allow the user to DoWhile inside of the container.


Just a thought....


I like the idea, but why not go one further.   Create Loop start and Loop end tools.   Place all the iterative activities between the two tools.  That way it will make since graphically.   That is my big problem with the iterative macro.  It is, frankly, confusing and visually not intuitive. 

Alteryx Certified Partner

I have such case where I need to download multiple API requests, having a limit means I need to wait for the next window to resume collection, throttle doesn't help in this case as there are other workflows that might consume the available requests.


now, to wait for next available window in seconds -stated in API header- I need a batch macro grouped by a unique ID so each request is processed sequentially and hold the rest of requests from being done.


for the failed request -that stated I've exceeded the limit- I need to re do it again.


this means I need 2 nested macros for such task.


If we can have Containers with Batch/Iterative functionality, it would be better and easier to maintain and work on, instead of having 3 files.

Macros provide the re-usability function, while I'm not reusing this solution anywhere else.


I hope we can see something similar, or at least a better way to back-propagate processes.


All the best.