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Interface tool that allows a user to search through values

Hey all,


I would love to be able to have an interface tool that allows a user to search through drop down values (when there are more than 100 or so) similar to autocomplete. It would be helpful as a multiselect or single select drop down. I have inserted a very poorly mocked up picture below. It would essentially be a modified version of the drop down as all the values would be in the tool, but the user could type to find what they are looking for.

Alteryx Idea - Searchable Drop Down.png


I have the same problem, do you solve it ?


Best regards


Hello @sandrine1,


I have not solved it. I was able to create one when making my app into a tool, but that does not solve many use cases. I am hoping this can be upvoted enough to get implemented in a future version of Alteryx.