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Interactive/Hidden Labels for Report Maps that only appear when hovering on specific spot

It would be very helpful to have hidden/interactive labels that can be utilized for an Report Map that only appear when the user is hovering over a specific part of the map. For example they only want to see the sales numbers for California, but do want to change the map. It probably makes the most sense to have this available for the HTML Report Maps. This would allow the report map to not look too crowded with labels, but still have the labels available if the user is interested in a particular part of the map. Is this something that can eventually be added to the report map tool?

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Status changed to: Under Review

Hi @astone,

Thanks for the great idea! We will soon be starting an initiative to make some major improvements to the way you can interact with and configure reports. We will definitely keep this idea in mind as we build improvements into our mapping capabilities.