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Interactive Chart - Data Labels & Secondary Axis

The new Interactive Chart is a great tool that I've been using. A big improvement to it would be to allow a secondary axis, as well as allowing data points to show on the chart. I have attached a sample chart that was created in Excel. 

6 - Meteoroid

So you can't show data points on the chart?  Boooo.


That is really big missing feature.

12 - Quasar

[Edited to add: apparently this (adding data labels) is already on the roadmap!]


Yes, it would be great to add data labels to a bar chart in the Interactive Chart Tool! This was possible in the deprecated Charting Tool.


  • Labeling bar charts makes them easier to read (rather than estimating the length of a bar that is not next to the axis)
  • Adding labels reduces clutter on the chart by allowing us to remove gridlines and axes


I'd like to be able to replicate is something like this:

Bar chart with labels.png

5 - Atom

Has there been any movement on this?  Really basic feature to be missing this long, especially since it was on the previous version of the charting tool. 

10 - Fireball

As of now I conclude that weekly challenge #76 is officially impossible as the original charting tool has been deprecated... A pity really... I'll just stick with Tableau for visualisations then

7 - Meteor

I second, the ability to add a secondary axis and visible data points is definitely needed!

8 - Asteroid

Adding my vote for secondary axis, I will always add my vote when I move out of Alteryx to Excel.

5 - Atom

I saw this note on the update for 2019.3:



However, after updating to the latest version I can't figure out how to add the second y-axis.


For those of you following this thread, in 19.3 Designer release, users are now able to add labels to charts. You will find it on the Style>Layer page.

Also there is now an option to use the secondary y-axis, please refer to the following screenshot. 


Secondary Y-Axis.png


Please download the latest 19.3 release and let us know how you like this functionality.

5 - Atom

I figured out this work around. First make your line graph and then add a second layer as a bar chart and add in the labels and then under the bar chart layer menu, set the Opacity to 0%. This will hide the bar chart but keep the labels of it.  Not being able to label a line graph is a huge problem.