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Interactive Chart - Data Labels & Secondary Axis

The new Interactive Chart is a great tool that I've been using. A big improvement to it would be to allow a secondary axis, as well as allowing data points to show on the chart. I have attached a sample chart that was created in Excel. 


So you can't show data points on the chart?  Boooo.


That is really big missing feature.

[Edited to add: apparently this (adding data labels) is already on the roadmap!]


Yes, it would be great to add data labels to a bar chart in the Interactive Chart Tool! This was possible in the deprecated Charting Tool.


  • Labeling bar charts makes them easier to read (rather than estimating the length of a bar that is not next to the axis)
  • Adding labels reduces clutter on the chart by allowing us to remove gridlines and axes


I'd like to be able to replicate is something like this:

Bar chart with labels.png


Has there been any movement on this?  Really basic feature to be missing this long, especially since it was on the previous version of the charting tool. 

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As of now I conclude that weekly challenge #76 is officially impossible as the original charting tool has been deprecated... A pity really... I'll just stick with Tableau for visualisations then


I second, the ability to add a secondary axis and visible data points is definitely needed!


Adding my vote for secondary axis, I will always add my vote when I move out of Alteryx to Excel.

I saw this note on the update for 2019.3:



However, after updating to the latest version I can't figure out how to add the second y-axis.


For those of you following this thread, in 19.3 Designer release, users are now able to add labels to charts. You will find it on the Style>Layer page.

Also there is now an option to use the secondary y-axis, please refer to the following screenshot. 


Secondary Y-Axis.png


Please download the latest 19.3 release and let us know how you like this functionality.