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Insight Enhancements

Good Afternoon,


Working with the Alteryx Insight tool there are a few functionality features our team believes would be quite useful:


-When you have multiple charts within an Insight the ability to "Drill Out" of an individual graphs versus having to "reset" the entire dashboard would be incredibly useful and save a lot of time


-When drilling into graphs we have found users often forget what particular category they drilled into leading to them having to reset the entire dashboard and start over. Could a "legend" type area be added to drill able graphs to show the user what they have drilled into?


-The ability to "select all" or "de-select all" options in a filter on the right hand side of the Insight


-The ability to drill into your graphs when in the Design Mode or "Configure Insight" to see how any formatting changes impact all layers of your graph once you begin to drill versus having to switch over to Preview Mode and test all layers and then switch back to Design Mode to make necessary changes


-The ability to adjust formatting on individual layers of a drilled graph. For example on the x-axis of your first layer have labels set at font size 10 with no angle, but then on your second layer once you drill have the x-axis font size adjusted to font size of 6 at 45 degree angle in the case where your data labels are longer once you drill




Nathan Brock 

1 Comment

Lastly, the ability to export the data behind the graphs would be huge. For example you start at a Corporate Level and drill into your data at say a "regional" level and then hit a button to export the data behind your graph. The Insights are great, but the ability to pull the data behind the large level Insights would be a game changer so that people can actually work the information.