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Input Tool Should Recognize Excel Named Tables

Presently when mapping an Excel file to an input tool the tool only recognizes sheets it does not recognize named tables (ranges) as possible inputs. When using PowerBI to read Excel inputs I can select either sheets or named ranges as input. Alteryx input tool should do the same.

5 - Atom

It was just pointed out to me by a co-worker that Alteryx does recognize a Named Range as a possible input it does not however recognize Named Tables. Both show up in the Name Manager list of Excel but only Named Ranges show up as choices in the Alteryx Input Tool table list the tables do not. Adding screenshots of an Excel file showing the Name Manager list and what is visible in the table view of that file assigned to an Alteryx Input Tool. You can see that a Excel named range is on the list but none of the Excel tables are.


Alteryx View.JPGNamed Ranges.JPG

7 - Meteor

Just confirmed that this functionality is not available in 2018.2.  It would be a useful added feature.

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Status changed to: Under Review
6 - Meteoroid

This would be extremely useful for me to input and output data in excel.