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Alteryx Designer Ideas

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Input Table Memory within Workflow

I was with my friends at Limited Brands yesterday and they pointed out to me a way to improve Alteryx.  While designing a workflow, each time you add an input tool to the canvas you literally have to start from scratch to add additional tables from either a db datasource or file source (e.g. access).  With other tools, you can drag multiple tables to the canvas at once and come back later and add more inputs without having to select your source, see a list of tables etcetera.


On their behalf (they may post another suggestion), I am posting this idea.




1 Comment

Great idea!  Once you configure a data source in a workflow, you should be able to reference it in future Input Tools in the same workflow.


As a workaround, I usually configure the first Input Tool from a particular source, then make copies of that tool instead of dragging a new tool down for each additional table.