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Increase amount passed to Dynamic Input

Currently there is a maximum amount that can be passed into the Dynamic Input, 1MB. I often hit this limit and it is infuriating.  If this was upped to 5MB that would solve a lot of my issues, but 50MB would be AMAZING.






What do you mean by "maximum amount that can be passed into"? Can you provide an example situation where a limit is being hit?


Hey Joe,


Thanks for reaching out. I work for a VERY large company and can pass anywhere up to 20million values into a dynamic input, this obviously hits that 1MB limit. Its not often, but when i do it all breaks, this was more of a quick question of how hard would it be to up that by a MB or two.




We can replicate the Dynamic Input tool with a Macro to add capabilities. I would be happy to help you construct a macro, for your situation. You are welcome to email me and we can setup a screen sharing session to walk through the process.