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Inconsistency about case sensitivity across tools



Seems there is inconsistency across tool when it comes to being case sensitive.


One simple example might be - For Join it works based on case sensitivity, but for Formula (Multi Row) - it works based on case insensitivity.


The Idea is to make the functionality case sensitive for all tools.


Benefits -


1) When some code is written in Alteryx, it works same way when coming to case consistency, and does not differ tool-by-tool.

2) It is common practice to make use of functions (Uppercase/Lowercase) to ignore differences coming out of case sensitivity for items like joining with some standardized values (like List of Values etc), so it should not be much of an overhead. At times the case related differences might be something which needs to be treated differently.

3) If a tool ignores case sensitivity, there might not be an easy way (if not - no way available) to make it work for case sensitivity as per business requirement, but vice versa is attainable making use of Uppercase/Lowercase case conversion functions.



Rohit Bajaj

Alteryx Partner

Hey Rohit,


I definitely agree that there should be consistency across tools and forumlae. It came as a surprise to me that the equals sign isn't actually case sensitive, since it's fairly common to use uppercase/lowercase functions to iron out differences in case as you say.

Failing consistency, then there needs to be more detailed documentation from Alteryx so that there aren't any nasty surprises.


I've included an example and workaround for checking the case of a string in this post.



16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hey Rohit ( @Rohit_Bajaj)

It looks like you and I have accidentally posted the same idea - the good news is that the CTO jumped on this and it's now marked as coming soon.


Not sure if that only relates to the defect that we found related to string length, or if it also relates to the case insensitive join, but glad that you and I are thinking about the same kind of problems.


I've starred your idea - it seems that the ideas with most stars get most attention 🙂



Hello Rohit, with regards to the case sensitive values, If I run a query using a specific case sensitive word, is Alteryx capable to differentiate and select the values anyways. For example if the word is "Bicycle" but the data contains the word "bicycle", is the query going to select the value regardless of the difference in letters? Thank you!!!