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Include the Wokflow Name as a default Constant

It would be useful to have the WorkflowName captured as one of the default Engine constants. The WorkflowDirectory is included so why not the WorkflowName as well?


I often have to use configuration files to pass in values to workflows meaning the workflow name needs to be manually entered into the workflow, either as a text input or User Constant, which feels like an unnecessary step as Alteryx must know the name of the workflow once it has been saved.

7 - Meteor

Thanks :)

8 - Asteroid

It would be great if we can get the Collection name well as, if the workflow got shared through collection and the respective user running the workflow from that collection. By doing so, we can manage the different clients execution information.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hi @Jithendra !


Thank you for the feedback! I would recommend submitting your idea for pulling collection names as well a new idea in our Alteryx Server ideas board, since the Server team is more directly related to Collections/Gallery.