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In-database stepwise logistic regression

We recently upgraded our SQL server to 2016 to enable us to use R Server for predictive analytics.  We were excited about the more powerful algorithms and the fact that parallel processing will make things faster on bigger data sets.  


We often use stepwise logistic regression, especially in cases where we need to show which attributes are most significant.  The one drawback about the upgrade was that stepwise is not available when running logistic regression in-database.  I know there are ways to get around this e.g. PC etc. but it would be nice to have the ability to do stepwise in-database.


I hope there are others like me that will vote this up.  I think it will help a lot of data scientists out there and is probably one of the easier suggestions :-).

1 Comment
Alteryx Partner

IN database capability for Stepwise regression would make a huge difference to our client's analytical capabilities.