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In-Database Write Data In-DB, make output behaviour configuarble

When using the Write Data In-DB component from the In-Database tools, after the insert or update is complete the default behaviour is that the component does a select * from the table.  So if inserting into dbo.customer, once the transaction is complete, the component does a select * from customer.  This behaviour is really useful in some circumstances, e.g. creating reference data then returning all data so you can join back into the workflow, but can also really destroy performance.  Imagine if dbo.customer contains billions of rows.  Of course there are ways of restricting the data that is returned to the workflow, (e.g. use the sample tool), but the query is still executed in the DB.  Therefore my suggestion is to make output configurable.  Would be useful to have a four option output, either:

(1) zero row output (i.e. metadata only),

(2) successful transaction flag & error message if applicable,

(3) count of rows effected, for some DBs you can get this by default (MS SQL Server), or

(4) select * from table, as is now.


Thanks, nick