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In-Database Update and/or Delete

DELETE from Source_Data Where ID in

SELECT ID from My_Temp_Table where FLAG = 'Y'




Essentially, I want to update a DB table with either an update or with the deletion of rows.  I can't delete all of the data.  My work around will be to create/insert into a table the keys that i want to delete and try to use a input/output tool with SQL that performs the delete.  Any other suggestions are welcome, but a tool is best.




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner


Alteryx Partner
Love that new functionality, when is it coming to DB platforms other than SQL Server? There are a few out there: Redshift , Snowflake, PostGres....
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This really needs to be added for other platforms, like Teradata for us. A lot of companies don't use SQL server and still require this functionality.

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We also really need this for PostgreSQL !

7 - Meteor

I don't see the 'Delete Rows' or 'Update Rows' options when using the In-DB Write Tool.


Running 2019.1 and connecting to an Azure SQL Server DB using v17 ODBC drivers.


@MarqueeCrew @ARich - any ideas?


Many thanks in advance!




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It'd nice to be able to run ANY Sql query from the INDB tools.

Example : in my PostgreSQL db, i'd like to be able to run such queries from Alteryx :

comment on column "ERF_MCHB_MCH1"."WERKS" is 'Division';

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@acowpy I am in the same situation, I don't have access to the Delete/Update Rows options of the Write In-DB Tool. Did you find the solution to workaround the limitation? Thanks in advance
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Hi @Al8an, in my case I eventually found our from Alteryx support that its because Alteryx does not support Update/Delete Output options with Microsoft Azure SQL Database.



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Hi all, I have created an Idea for inclusion of Azure SQl Server instances. Please upvote!! 🙂


@MarqueeCrew @Al8an @NicolasFabre81 @zbrookler @fpinchon @ARich 



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Thanks for the follow-up @acowpy !