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In-DB version of SharePoint tool

I realize a true "In-DB" version of the SharePoint tool may not be possible due to the complexity and layers to get to an actual SharePoint Database. However, would it be possible to add some parameters for pre-filtering? O365 version of SharePoint has some timeout limitations that cause the SharePoint tool to fail randomly. If I could specify parameters (such as a date minus some number of days or hours on a particular date field) to filter the dataset. Or specify record ID ranges to pull records in batches, this would allow users to work around this issue.

6 - Meteoroid

SharePoint supports OData queries and either an In-DB tool or expansion of the SharePoint tool in Alteryx to allow an OData query would improve performance when working with Lists.

7 - Meteor

@braggis Can you provide a working example showing how the SP tool can be expanded?

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

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Alteryx Community Team
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