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Improvement to Snowflake Connectors when using Single Sign On

Using the Snowflake Input and Output Connectors when Snowflake is setup to use Single Sign On generates a lot of browser windows as the connectors authenticate multiple times (opening a browser window each time) which is very disruptive and disctracting for users.  Any time the workflow interacts with the tools and it authenticates and the browser is opened.

This is driven by the Snowflake ODBC driver using the externalbrowser authentication method however it would be helpful if Snowflake and Alteryx worked together to refine how the connectors authenticate in order to reduce the number, or completely stop the browser windows and therefore greatly improving the user experience.

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Thank you for the idea!


We appreciate all the feedback we get on our correctors and how we can further improve the user experience around them. I noticed you're relatively new to the idea boards (welcome!) so if you haven't yet be sure to review our Submission Guidelines which just go over some of the process before and after an idea is submitted. And be sure to like any other ideas that would be beneficial to you as it helps our product team gauge interest.