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Improvement in error messaging for Analytic(R-Based) tools

Hi there,


Similar to @aselameab1 - I was having trouble with using the Linear regression tool because it was giving error messages that were not explanatory or self descriptive.

@chadanaber identified the issue - that a specific field only had one unique value which was causing the regression tool to fail - however the error message provided gives no useful or helpful indication that this is the issue.   You can see that the error message below is pretty tough to understand.


Could we add an item to the development backlog to add defensive checks to the predictive analytics tools to check for conditions that will cause them to fail, and rework the error messaging?




I've attached the workflow with the sample data that replicates this issue


Many thanks


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I couldn't agree more on this. I shouldn't have to manually enable macro messages to see detailed errors. That should be enabled by default.