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Improved "String Fields can only be joined to String Fields" error message


In cases where more than one field is being used in a join, the "Join (Tool ID) String fields can only be joined to other string fields" error message could be improved by indicating which field has a mismatch.


For example, if I'm joining Fields A, B, C, D... to fields Z, Y, X, W... in Join tool 24, and for some reason Field Z gets changed from String to Double, it'd be nice to see a message like:

"Join (24) (Field 1) String Fields can only be joined to other String fields"


"Join (24) String Fields can only be joined to other String fields (A)"


So that I know I need to go to a select tool and change the type of either A or Z.


Otherwise I look at the Join tool output and try to figure out which pair no longer has matching types, which can take a minute when dealing with a multiple-point join.


Thank you!

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Thank you for your idea and feedback!


We appreciate all the feedback we get, and understand how impactful improving our error messages would be for user experience. I noticed you're relatively new to the idea boards (welcome!) so if you haven't yet be sure to review our Submission Guidelines which just go over some of the process before and after an idea is submitted.