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Improve charting tool

In the old charting tool, you could change the order of the series by moving them up or down. This feature has been eliminated from the new charting tool. I want sales percent to be the top bar, but despite which 'series' I put it in, inventory percent is the top bar, as the order appears to be alphabetic. It would be nice to have that option added back in.


In the new charting tool, you can adjust the number of decimal places for your series, which is great. Adding '%' as a suffix to the series label would be nice. There is an option to add prefix/suffix to the axis label, but not to the series.


Horizontal axis (x-axis) displays at an angle. Having an alignment option (center; vertical; horizontal; etc.) is preferable.


Also, there should be an option to adjust the font size of the legend .


Agreed! And It would be nice to control the gap size between columns/bars for all Column and Bar type graphs.

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