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Implement R tool with Jupyter

I love how the new (as of 2018.3) Python tool has a Jupyter notebook in the config panel. Jupyter is great, has a lot of built-in help, and is so robust that there is really no need for an external installation of any Python IDE anywhere else.  I would love to see that with the R tool as well.  For now (as of 2018.3), it's much easier to develop R outside of Alteryx, e.g. in R Studio, and then copy the code in the R tool.


Therefore, this request is to implement R just like Python, using Jupyter. This would allow us to script it and see our visualizations (etc) right in our Jupyter window.  It would eliminate the need to have R-Studio off on the side.  Here are a couple links that may hint how to make it happen:


Hope you can make it happen -- thanks!

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Hi - I second this request!