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Ignore Selected Punctuation Option in Data Cleansing While Remove Unwanted Character

It will be very help full, if we have an option to ignore selected punctuation in Data Cleansing Tool under remove unwanted characters. 


For example i wanted to ignore "&" and "-" while replacing punctuation, currently there is no option to ignore characters.


Please check the possibility of Adding the feature 


You probably have better luck using regular expressions or the replace/replacechar functions rather then having customisation in the data cleansing tool for specific characters. 

I agree with you but it will be most suitable for doing on one or two
columns, it will be difficult to apply the changes on multiple columns. I
wanted to do multiple columns at a time.

How about the multi formula tool? 

It will not workout.


Why not?

Alteryx Partner

I  run #regex formulas in a #multi-formula tool and

it cleanses select characters like a charm...