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IN DB Update Tools

A functionality that my team really needs is the ability to use update and delete statements through in database tools. We use Teradata on my team and I'm sure many other platforms also need this functionality. I am really shocked and disappointed that in the update to 2018.4 Alteryx decided that it would add this new functionality to it's Write In DB tool, but only added it for SQL server. Moreover, this functionality is a hole that has been missing in these tools for a long time. Patches in functionality like that need to be added to all platforms, not just one. So please add update functionality to the Write In DB tool for Teradata and other platforms. The original post where Alteryx decided to make only this small change is here:


This is very disappointing news.  Alteryx, this isn't a fix if it only applies to one platform.  Our group has struggled with spool space issues when trying to use the current In DB tools, and we were very hopeful that 2018.4 would finally allow us to move past these problems.  Instead, we may have to consider other options. 


Alteryx, please consider making the Write In DB tool work for Teradata and other platforms ASAP! 


Agreed - This is a huge gap that needs to be solved for.  This is impacting our ability to work with larger data sets without having to run manual TD queries. We were hoping that the latest upgrade would solve for spool space issues, however without the capability to write in db w/ Teradata platform we are unable to move our processes entirely to Alteryx.

Same with PostgreSQL and MySQL database servers... even if database is not huge, this is much more efficient and close to what I'd be doing in any other tool.

The ability to run Teradata updates and deletes in Alteryx will definitely resolve spool space issues we are encountering.   Please add this functionality to Alteryx.


I'd be licking my chops if I was a SQL Server user, but unfortunately am not... We are primarily a Teradata shop, so I feel that this functionality within Teradata (and other DB platforms) is not only just a nice to have, but is really necessary to truly incorporate all of our processing in a workflow.