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I think I found a Bug!

If you have a field length of say 10 in a Select Tool, then you use a Left Join tool and change that length to say 4. This turns that field red - as it should.  Then add a Select tool after the Union.  It should say 4 in the second Select tool.  But instead it says 10.  If it was changed to 10 (and it wasn't) then the field s/b red.


Indeed.  It appears the Join Tool only changes the field size on the 'J' output side.  The 'L' and 'R' side are not affected.  Thank you for bringing this to our attention!


Isn't that what you'd expect? Un-joined records, (L and R) are untouched by the join tool. It's the same with renaming or changing the type - it only affects joined records.


It's not what I'd expect. 


I would expect what ever comes out the other side of a Left, Right or Inner to be the same length.  Otherwise, why even allow for length changes in there?  Who wants a joined table with some of the data in the column being 4 characters and other data being 10 characters?  What confuses the issue further is if you add a select tool after the Union - it shows 10.  Yet the column now is outputting TWO different field lengths and only telling you about ONE.  It's confusing and should be changed.


Yes, I added two select tools after the join for L and for J and changed the Length for both - but I don't think you should have to.


I normally make may changes in the Select tool.  But I was feeling lazy and changed it in the Join - since I was there.  It blew up what uses that data.


The way I look at it is if you can change the field length in a tool that allows for Left Right, Inner, Full Outer - everything that comes out of that tool should be changed to whatever you changed the field length to.  Or remove the option.