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I love Browse Everywhere in v10! But I miss my regular Browse in Configuration Panel...

Its definately not a good UX that the full browse is now in the output window.  I usually have my Output on autohide and its a few extra clicks to see the browses now... Can we have both the Browse Everywhere tab in Output and Configuration Panel?

5 - Atom

Hi Andrew, hi collin_pace,


I totally agree with you, an option to enable the window would be nice.

Andrew, thank you also for your earlier post regarding "Dock the Configuration and Results panels on the left as tabbed panels". This was very helpful and I now work that way.


Still if a user is working on a small laptop the option to see "Browse data in the Configuration window" would be nice.


Thank you



6 - Meteoroid
Trying 10.5 in the hope that something had changed. Still hate the results window! It's cumbersome, takes more clicks, has you jumping around from window to window, takes up space... Still sticking with 9.5.
7 - Meteor

My only problem with the new browse is that I keep losing the auto hide format. I auto hide the results/browse windows on the side. Each time I click on the right side arrow of a tool, auto hide becomes docked. Very annoying.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review
7 - Meteor

I think we should close this idea.  When I posted it it was before the Data Profiling feature was added it.  Now I really like the data profiling feature and have gotten used to the change.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thanks for closing the loop @DataVizionary, and for sparking this discussion!

I'd like to leave it open for now just because we're in the midst of revisiting usability of the various windows and panels in Designer and I'd like to incorporate all of the great feedback from this discussion.


If anyone on the thread would like to discuss, feel free to private message me through the Community.



Alex Koszycki


Product Management

6 - Meteoroid
Still on 9.5, mostly because we're still stuck on 32bit, the Browse Everywhere feature looked good but it's only on 64bit so I have no need to upgrade. I have 10.6 as a non admin install and Its just cumbersome, the results tables jump between windows, the tool properties disappear, it tries to render a map if there is spatial data, I don't need it, there are 3 windows to wrestle with and fit on screen, canvas, browse and results, it's not a workable option to have a long list of data, the text describing tool groups is wider, my tool arrangement now slips past and I have to scroll, the file open, now has extra clicks to browse and the recent list is hidden behind an extra click. Altering the screen appearance, some things have been missed. There are other issues but that's enough for now. Please don't go with the Microsoft Ribbon type of interface, things are bad enough. Thanks for listening.
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Not Planned

Great discussion here! To provide an update, we don't have plans to implement this idea in the next year. This and many ideas contributed to some improvements we're making to the results grid over the next year.