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Hyperlink to Input/Ouput File

I would love to be able to double-click on an input or output file and have the file open. Second to that would be a clickable hyperlink to the filepath that could be used to open the file, or a "go to" button or something. Anything would be better than my current process of copying and pasting the filepath into an explorer window.


If you have the Results panel open, any step that reads from or writes to a file will show up as a link. You can click the link to open the file or right-click to choose whether to open the file or its containing folder.


I stumbled across that the other day, and felt rather silly that it took me so long.



Oh my gosh...can't believe that I hadn't made the connection that blue underlined font means LINK. Duh!


Thank you, Daniel.


This is why we need a webinar called "How Did I Not Know That!" LOL

Creative Director
Creative Director
Status changed to: Implemented

How do I output a message with a clickable link from my custom component?

Is there a particular message type I need to specify when I call EngineInterface.OutputMessage()?

And/or is there a particular way I need to format the message?


Figured it out.


I have to use AlteryxRecordInfoNet.MessageStatus.STATUS_File_Output or AlteryxRecordInfoNet.MessageStatus.STATUS_File_Input and format the message like: