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How about internationalisation and localisation of the Alteryx tools?


As you may be aware localisation is the adapting of computer software to regional differences of a target market, Internationalization is the process of designing software so that it can potentially be adapted to various languages without engineering changes.


The idea is to make Alteryx designer tool, the web help content and example workflows to be multilingual (Possibly with the use of "lic" language files or similar) Hopefully the sotware and tutorials will all be localised by crowdsourcing initiatives within the Alteryx community. 


I sincerely believe this will help the tool get a lot of traction not in US and UK but in other parts of the world,

Highly likely Mandarin and Spanish would be the first two language versions...


Top languages by population per Nationalencyklopedin 2007 (2010)Language Native speakers(millions) Fraction of worldpopulation (2007)

Mandarin935 (955)14.1%
Spanish390 (405)5.85%
English365 (360)5.52%
Hindi295 (310)[2]4.46%
Arabic280 (295)4.43%
Portuguese205 (215)3.08%
Bengali200 (205)3.05%
Russian160 (155)2.42%
Japanese125 (125)1.92%
Punjabi95 (100)1.44%
13 - Pulsar




I'm sure the Alteryx community will give a hand on quickly translating the desktop tool, the help files and the tutorials into many languages...




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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Implemented

Hi All!


I'm updating this idea to Implemented as Alteryx is available now in six languages and will continue to increase our language capabilities as these markets grow!