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Configurable hotkeys/keyboard shortcuts would be awesome.  For instance, select/deselect highlighted fields or remove prefix are two commands that I use frequenctly but which are buried in menus.

Being able to assign hotkeys to favourite tools would be another time saver.  Imagine, ctrl-alt-F and a formula appears under the cursor!


Totally agree. Or at least permit "Alt"-type navigation. For instance, I have memorized many Excel keystrokes to do things sans mouse (e.g., Alt -> h -> b -> s, which outlines current selection). I imagine myself configuring a tool (wrench icon) and then quickly changing the annotation w/out lifting my fingers from the keyboard.


 As a former CAD user and keyboard junkie, I would love to be able to assign keyboard shortcuts to commonly used tools and workspace operations.  

Alteryx Partner
Alteryx Partner

 The ability to assign hotkeys to pull tools and macros onto the canvas would be nice. It could be embedded in the Meta Info of the tool.

Couldn't agree more. Either working keyboard-only in VIM or in Alteryx - makes your head spin at some stage 😉


Shortcuts.pngPersonally, I'm trying to migrate from excel to alteryx, but the lack of shortcuts make it much more time consuming.


It would be great if there were some shortcuts in the right click of the mouse (the same way as excel has). This way, we could, for example, use the right alt to simulate a right click in the tool and select the next tool using this shortcuts (as you can see in the picture).




Custom hotkeys would be a great enhancement!


I.e. - I would like a custom hotkey to drop the output icon.

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Status changed to: Not Planned

This is a great idea! Thanks for the addition to our Ideas forum. We don't have this on the road map for the next year, but we'll keep this in mind.