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Hotkey for Container

I love using containers, but depending on how I am moving around the workflows or trackpad (when traveling) I find it hard to navigate quickly getting a container on the canvas between either add a container from the tool palette or having to highlight the tools and right-click for menu navigation to add the container. This ranks up there with the hotkeys for aligning the tools which make for quick work of making the workflow look organized and presentable. 


Hi Andrew!


Thank you for the feedback, our UX team always appreciates getting input on what sort of hotkeys and navigation updates would be the most useful to users to streamline their workflow experience and process. If you have any other pieces of feedback on the UX and what kind of hot keys would be most helpful to you we'd love to hear those as well!

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

There a couple more hotkeys I would love to see:


Ctrl + Shift + R (Run as App)


The others relate to troubleshooting workflows. Once we are close to finishing a workflow or are working on troubleshooting we use a lot of Runtime settings to improve performance, prevent damage to source systems, etc. It would be nice to be able to test AMP Engine on workflows with just a hotkey, turn off all tools that write out or toggle performance profiling on and off without having to go through 3 menus.

Runtime Configuration SettingsRuntime Configuration Settings