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Alteryx Designer Ideas

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Have an non-jupyter python tool

There should by a Python Tool that is just a code paste (more like the R tool) and allows selection/packaging of venvs, similar to an IDE or we should be able to package scripts with workflows/macros.


A python tool that is easily integrated into macros for powerful and quick custom tools while avoiding Jupyter's failures would be incredibly beneficial. This would highlight how Python and Alteryx can work together, and don't need to be all or nothing competitors in the ETL space.


Jupyter is not a tool that should be used for production level processes - it is for teaching. Nobody has airflow or Luigi spinning up Jupyter and executing code in their ETL pipeline, so our Workflows shouldn't either. Yes, yes I have used to SDK to work around and I have also run scripts from the cmd tool but the first solution is time consuming and imposes a high skill wall and the latter has a lot of moving, non-packaged parts.


You guys have the API to do this and venv management from the SDK already so I don't think it would be expensive to implement.


@BlytheE I know this is a long shot, as I only posted this 2 or 3 weeks ago and that would be a wild deployment time, but did my post have anything to do with putting production mode on Python tool in? I would love to have an eternal claim to fame within my team 😛



And really, thank you guys for allowing us to bypass jupyter in 2019.1. I love to use python in my macros but jupyter has been gunking my tools up, so this is like Christmas morning for me.


I am looking forward to playing around with production mode and seeing if it fixes some of our jupyter related problems 😄


@WillBowman I can neither confirm nor deny you had a hand in the production mode option, but it's feedback from users like you that drive new features forward, so go ahead and stake your claim!


Haha I'll take it!


Thanks again!