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Google BigQuery In-Database Support

Where it stands now, only a file input tool can be used to pull data from Google BigQuery tables. The issue here is that the data is streamed and processed locally, meaning the power of BigQuery processing isn't actually being leveraged.

Adding BigQuery In-Database as a connection option would appeal to a wide audience. BigQuery is also standard SQL compliant with the SQL 2011 standard, so this may make for an even easier integration.

8 - Asteroid

Hi @KylieF this link just goes to the old Google Big query connectors, which were last updated over a year ago.


Are you saying that InDB can now be used with Google Big Query and the link is wrong?



Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Under Review

Hi @andypick,


Sorry about that, I misread the idea and thought the request was for general connectivity to the Google BigQuery database. Currently there is no In-DB support for this database, however I will reach out to our Product Development team to confirm if this is on the road map and get you a clearer answer within the next day or so.


For now I'm reverting the status back to Under Review to return visibility to the Product team.


So @KylieF was little bit too fast, but just a little bit. This is now on the roadmap, prioritized and we are starting to the development. 

The ODBC connector unfortunately lacks some required functionality, this is for us the first REST-based In-DB attempt, so I would like to ask for yet more patience. We assume we will prepare a beta version first which I will announce here for anyone interested.


Status changed to: Coming Soon
5 - Atom


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Any update on the beta or stable version?
Can we expect it by 2020.2?


I am afraid I cannot promise the 20.2. We are already working on this feature, but, as we will not use the ODBC driver, we need to solve the auth* layer properly (this is not matter of SQL itself). We will announce a beta here for those that would be interested.

7 - Meteor

Being in a BigQuery shop I am interested in this and will gladly be a beta tester.


Hi @bora_perusic 


Some prospects in Japan are eager to evaluate InDB for Big Query.

Please advise when a beta will be ready?    


Best Regards, Shingo


@Shingo , @RUSA sorry, we had to pause the development of this feature for a while, solving other issues. We will hopefully get back in the next quarter, I will keep you informed.