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Global Table Formatting



I would like to make 2 suggestions in regards to the Table Tool.


1) The ability to format all of your tables in a workflow at once or the ability to set up a default theme for tables.  I may have many table outputs in one report and if I want to change the font in the header I have to go to each table icon and change the configuration one at a time.  Generally, I set up the first one then cut and paste it for all of the other tables in my report but if I have to go back and change something it is a real challenge.  I am working on a report with 20 table outputs and have to change the header font in each one.... not fun.  


2) The ability to change the header justification in the default table settings rather than have to change it in each column.  The same report I mentioned has a minimum of 5 fields in each table that is a minimum of 100 adjustments just to have centered field names.  A HUGE waste of time. An alternative would be to have centered field headings as the default.  I may be wrong but I think the majority of reports have centered field headings.


Thank you for a great product and for listening