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Give Estimation of Installation Time

There are quite a few instances reported in my ognization that user terminates the intallation process since it takes more than one hour and user tends to believe that the intallation process is somehow "failing". So they terminate the installation and try to install again.

A kind reminding message such as "This will approximatly take one hour, and you can enjoy your coffee break" something like that would definetely help.

Please kindly consider.

8 - Asteroid

I'm promoting in my company to our employee starting Alteryx, this situation of waiting time for installation made them concerned. We hope this function will be adopted and eliminate concerns from our users!! Thanks!!

17 - Castor


Thank you for your second on this.😋

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

I've seen this happen quite a few times recently too, so this is a great idea. I think the problem has started since the installation of python packages which seems to take quite a while.


I like the "enjoy your coffee break" suggestion 😉

17 - Castor


Thank you for your second on this.😛

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hi all!


It's great to see so much activity on such a new idea! Our product team also greatly appreciates the feedback on how we can improve the installer, which is a part of the product that don't necessarily get a lot of ideas. 

17 - Castor


Thank you so much for the positive review.

Really hope it will be considered in the Change Review Process.😁

17 - Castor

Lets continue to vote this up.
Seems not yet get attention from😁 Alteryx people.

15 - Aurora

I was a lucky one and I never encounter this problem but if this is an issue for some of the new users then we would definitely need to allow them to have a nice coffee break 😀

17 - Castor

Thank you so much.