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Free trial : Make the Full Installer Available

Hello all,

First of all, I really appreciate the effort made by Alteryx to provide an efficient way to try the software, especially the nonAdmin install. It helped me a lot to show Alteryx to Tableau or Qlik Users, solving in a few minutes their use cases. But there is still a little thing that can break the "whaoo effect" : for the trial, you just have an installer and this installer can be blocked by security. It happened to me today and it was SOOOOOO frustrating.

Best regards,


Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

hi @simonaubert_bd, that does sound frustrating. Where did the security block occur? During the download, while running the installer...? This idea will go through PM when the necessary criteria are met; in the meantime, have you tried the Interactive Online Trial?

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Hi @CristonS and thanks for the fast answer. So, my customer have downloaded the installer, run it, choose Alteryx Designer without predictive tools, clicked next and then, an error message occured. I have a turnaround with a full installer on my own computer, on a separate network. But the time to found a server available on both network, copy paste the installer through a VPN slow as hell, it took more hours (I'm still trying to copy paste it, it's 11 PM here a friday evening) and of course, I'm not back until Thursday. I just lost the momentum. This is the first time I have an issue with Alteryx on that topic, usually it works perfectly.

Best regards,