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Font Size Issue with Multiple Tables in Render Tool

This appears to be a bug with either the Layout Tool or the Render Tool. When I setup two Tables using the Horizontal Layout Tool and export to Excel using the Render tool, the font size of the bottom-right cell of the first table is too large. No amount of changing the font properties within the Alteryx Reporting tools appears to fix this.




Hey @blairmbailey


I'm super curious about this - and would love to try to duplicate this on my machine.


Are you able to strip down your workflow to the bare minimum to create this issue (even with faked data) and add to either this or onto a discussion thread under Designer?  

If I can duplicate this then you may also want to open up a ticket with the support team?


Thanks @blairmbailey



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @SeanAdams,


I created a basic workflow recreating the issue. I don't appear to have the file upload option, but screenshot below. Upon further investigation, the issue happens when adding Report Text to the Layout.


If you're able to recreate, please let me know and I'll open a ticket with support.


image.pngWith Report Textimage.pngWithout Report Text



Did support follow up on this at all?  I am seeing this as well.  

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