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Fix Power BI Output tool to reload an existing dataset without breaking reports

This idea is to fix one of the Power BI Output tool options for existing datasets.


Currently, if the 'Replace existing dataset' option is selected, the dataset is dropped and replaced with one having the same name.  Problem with this is that any reports or dashboards using that dataset become invalid (likely due to a changed internal identifier).


Idea is to change the 'Replace existing dataset' functionality to delete & replace the data within a dataset rather than deleting & replacing the dataset itself.


This behavior is described in the following thread & flagged as 'solved' although the workaround isn't practical as a true solution to the issue.  We'd like to see this supported more seamlessly via Alteryx.

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I strongly support this idea.

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This would be incredibly helpful.

Status changed to: Accepted

Hi @hornungr ,


that's quite unfortunate solution for overwriting for sure. 

We will fix this in the next version of the connector.


Thank you,


Vojta, Product Manager

Data Connectors