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Find field by name within data with large number of columns

It would be great to have a way to find a column by its name.

This feature would be particularly useful when exploring with data sets having a large number of fields.

This feature would be useful within several tool, in particular with the "Browse" tool and with the "Input" tool.

Ideally the user should be able to  "Ctrl-F" and jump to the column matching the name being typed.

Alternatively, the user could be able to sort the columns alphabetically.


Thank you for considering this feature suggestion.


Davide Gerbaudo


P.S. I understand from this discussion that such feature is not currently available.

Alteryx Partner


I would find this useful at times. 


When I need to sort out all the fields I will sometimes use this hack:  copy the metadata into a format I can manage easily.  Designer supports the copy and pasting of metadata like this:


Copy metadata to clipboardCopy metadata to clipboard

I usually have a spreadsheet open.  Paste it in your spreadsheet and you are good to go.   Find.. sort.. etc.  Then keep this open in another window if needed.



Status changed to: Coming Soon

In an upcoming release, you will have the option to find field names in the Find Tool dialog. Thank you for suggesting this!

7 - Meteor

Great, thank you @JPoz 

Status changed to: Implemented

Thank you for this suggestion! The Find Tool dialog now allows you to search for Column Names, among many other improvements. This functionality is available in the 2019.4 release:

7 - Meteor

Great! @JPoz thank you for implementing this feature!