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Filter with many output ports


Instead of having multiple filters to create mutliples new branches for downstream analysis, Alteryx should have one filter with multiples ouputs ports. Each filter would is own statement. 

This would reduce the numbers of filters in a canvas.

This is a really cool idea, but is there some equivalent or workaround already? Would love to see any workarounds that folks have built for have multi-stream outputs pending how the data is fed.

This would be very helpful. I have searched extensively on this and have not found any helpful workarounds. Ideally the user would be able to add any number of outputs then write a statement for each output.

One of the workaround could be to create a macro with one input and multiple outputs. I can share a workflow in case you have any examples.


Ageed, there's been a few cases where you want to filter for:

- condition A - go to output A

- Condition B - go to output B 

- condition C - go to output C

else go to output D


That would b ea helpful capability.


What you are suggesting is actually a "case" or "switch" tool.   It would work something like this:


case  valueA   when = valueB Then C

                      when  = valueD  Then E

                      else F.


The problem would be that the tool would have no way of knowing the  number of output links that would result.   However, that being said, I do like the idea. 


Hi I'm new in Alteryx but I really like this idea. It'd make my workflow a lot more efficient.