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Filter Tool Update, grab column name brackets



I just installed 2020.2 & I LOVE this update within the Formula tool:


  • When you double-click a column name inside of an expression, the brackets around the column name are also selected.


Are there any plans to bring this ability to the Filter tool as well, where I can double click on my column name & have it grab the brackets as well?


Not going to lie, love that you added the Open/Save/Undo buttons back to the top toolbar too! Latest version looks great, thank you!

Alteryx Partner

Agreed, and please expand it grap those brackets for field names with spaces in them. Currently double-click on these fields does not work


Thank you for your idea! We're glad to hear you liked this release and appreciate the feedback! I've updated the labels associated with this idea to insure all the correct product teams have visibility into this idea once the necessary criteria have been met. Be sure to check out other users ideas as well, the more engagement and feedback we get the better grasp our product team can have on what features are most helpful for our users.