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File Management tools (copy, rename, delete)

I have many use cases that involve one or more of the following:
  • moving or renaming a file after importing it
  • deleting a file after importing it
  • moving or copying a file after successfully exporting it
  • writing a temporary file (i.e. batch file for RunCommand tool), then deleting it when finished
A complete suite of file management tools (Copy, Delete, Move/Rename) would make this much easier.
8 - Asteroid

This would be incredibly useful

5 - Atom

That is a +1 from me as well.


Recently coming from, what is now, the Codelessplatform product (that used to be Orbis Task Centre) I cannot understand why such basic functionality as described in their KB article below is not available in Alteryx.



5 - Atom

+ 1 million.


Full file/directory operations suite would not just be nice, it’s necessary.

7 - Meteor

+1 here

8 - Asteroid

We have use cases for transforming file orchestration processes, this feature will surely help us move in that direction and move away from custom orchestration jobs and tools for simply look for files 24x7 and then perform ETL over those files. Has anyone worked on cases where you processes a number of files every day/night to load into staging databases, I would like to connect! 

5 - Atom

I always spend way too much time finding a work around for the lack of file management tools (either powershell or bat scripts).  please add these tools

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

+1 this would be useful

5 - Atom

++++1! This would be so useful. Fingers crossed it can be added soon.

11 - Bolide

+1 and watching

14 - Magnetar



Will that help move the request up the priority list?