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File Management tools (copy, rename, delete)

I have many use cases that involve one or more of the following:
  • moving or renaming a file after importing it
  • deleting a file after importing it
  • moving or copying a file after successfully exporting it
  • writing a temporary file (i.e. batch file for RunCommand tool), then deleting it when finished
A complete suite of file management tools (Copy, Delete, Move/Rename) would make this much easier.

+1 please!




+determining if a file is locked (so an attempted read or write will fail)

4 years later and this still hasn't been added?


Hi @dcoelho-nhld -


While you're waiting for implemenation of this 'idea', perhaps check out custom solutions that others have built. I created a sample python tool during BUILD2 this year that you're welcome to look at to see if it would benefit your use case:


It needs some improvements to be ready for production use, but it proves the 'use case'.

@c2willis I appreciate the suggestion, but this needs to be production ready, so unfortunately that probably wouldn't work. It is nice to see that at least someone is trying to solve this issue though.