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Excel driver that can read Alteryx databases (yxdb files)

This would be much better than having to output the data to an Excel tab or csv file in order to link to Excel pivot tables.  The pivot tables could link directly to the yxdb files.


Having Excel read a new data format is a Microsoft issue that Alteryx can't control.

5 - Atom

Does this article provide any help in what you trying to do (or at least get you started in the right direction)?


5 - Atom

Actually what I"m needing is an OLE DB Provider for Alteryx that Excel can use.  Dell built a DLL for Statistica for the ability to make a connection in Excel to link in data for pivot tables.  Be great to have one for Alteryx.
Here is the connection properties for Excel linking to a Statistica file:

Provider=STATISTICA.StaOLEDB.1;Data Source=\\PATH TO YOUR ALTERYX yxdb file;Integrated Security="";User ID="";Extended Properties="";Strip Formatting=TRUE;Auto calculate spreadsheet=FALSE;Connection String="";Station Name="";Excel Style Julian Dates=TRUE

8 - Asteroid

I like the idea of non-alteryx license holders having read access using excel to data in an alteryx database.  Is there a way to do this?


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