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Exasol in-database processing

Super simple request: Add Exasol to the list of databases that Alteryx can run in-database queries against.


We are using Exasol to store and query large volumes of data (1bn+ rows). This works great from Tableau because not very much data has to leave the database. But when we want to process that data in Alteryx we either have to pre-aggregate the data in Exasol, strip out loads of columns or sit back for hours while Alteryx sucks down the data. The first solution requires somebody to write SQL code in the database, but we are trying to avoid that (that's why we like Alteryx). The second and third are not always viable options.


Given that Exasol is partnered with Tableau, and Alteryx is partnered with Tableau, it feels like there will be lots of Alteryx customers looking for this functionality.


I totally agree!  We are actively evaluating Exasol but the main thing holding us back is the lack of in-database support for Alteryx.  Can anyone comment if this is in your road-map and when it may be available?

Status changed to: Implemented

This was completed in 11.5.