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Enhancements to Multi-Field Formula tool and Tool Container

On the “Multi-Field Formula” tool, the default is to “copy output fields and Add….”  I think the default should NOT copy. I’m using this tool to trim all of the blank spaces, and change the case in text fields. I often forget to uncheck it and end up with all these additional fields at the end. With regard to the tool container, I think the default margin should be small. I build huge workflows, and putting each section in a tool container. I have to go in and change each one to small margins to condense the workspace. Perhaps in the user settings, under document, there could be a default margin option, just as there is a container color option.
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Hi Terri,

Thank you for the product suggestions.  Both of these are good and we will consider them for upcoming releases.  On the Multi-field formula, we are actually working on a data cleansing tool that I hope will provide the functionality you are looking for without getting into more complicated Multi-Field Formula use.

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Couldn't agree more Terri!


Almost every time I use Multi-Field Formula I have to go back after the fact and uncheck "Copy Output Fields...".  I definitiely think the default functionality should be flipped.


And everytime I use Tool Containers (which is in pretty much 100% of my workflows) I have to alter the margins (and style).  Setting up defaults in User Settings would be great!


I concur with the above.  It would be nice to have a preferences JSON file that loads all of the user preferences for stuff like this at the start.  (Similar to how Sublime Text Editor does it.)  Thanks for your consideration!


This request is spot on. I ALWAYS have to untick this option. I can see how it might be useful, but it should not be the default.