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Enhancement to the DOWNLOAD tool for SFTP

Hi Team,  


I am starting to utilize alteryx as our platform to run our daily data load process.  A bunch of the data are sent via SFTP and it would be a lot simpler if the following features are directly available instead of utilizing the run command and/or scripting.


1. Ability to use wildcard in the download instead of specifically defining the filenames. (can be done indirectly but have to use multiple tools --> 2 downloads, parse, etc.)


2. Ability to delete files after the files have been downloaded successfully.


 - I have seen a couple of posts in the community trying to do this but haven't found one that worked for me; again this was utilizing run command and scripts and other utility programs)


Appreciate if you can look into this request !

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hey @melissa_m ,

Fully agree that additional support for SFTP or a tool that was built specifically for FTP would be a great addition.


Here's a related idea:


6 - Meteoroid

Hi, this would be so much helpful,

 when it comes to sFTP i also use batch scripting, as you said its hard  to implement in every workflow .

If would be great if the download tool can be enhanced,

or a new tool is designated for higher  than sha1 authentication protocols