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Enhanced authentication to allow SSO for SharePoint Input tool

It would be useful if enhancements could be made to the Sharepoint Input tool to support SSO. In my organisation we host a lot of collaborative work on SharePoints protected by ADFS authentication and directly pulling data from them is not supported with the SharePoint input tool, it is blocked. The addition of this feature to enable it to recognise logins would be very useful.

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Using CData ODBC to SharePoint is the only work around I found for this but it is $600 per license and we have 65 developers so it is quite costly. Please replicate CData for the SharePoint connector in future versions of Alteryx.

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I agree being able to use the standard SharePoint Input and Output tools with SharePoint Online/365 with SSO is incredibly important and a need for my company. 

One vote from for me too for this idea.

Sharepoint connection with SSO should be an inbuilt feature within Alteryx.

We are limited at present due to not able to read the sharpoint online data.


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Do you know anything when puling data from SharePoint would be available?

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I would agree with the statements above. Updating the SharePoint connector to work with federated security would have an important impact on my business. After recent security upgrades, several Alteryx workflows will no longer execute and as a result our business teams are viewing reports where critical information pulled from SharePoint is no longer up to date. 

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I agree. we need this

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Count me in on this bandwagon too.