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Enhance SharePoint List Input to Support Content Types

I want to use Alteryx to pull data from a SharePoint List.  This shouldn't be a problem, but I use SharePoint Content Types.  Alteryx won't allow me to import any list that has Content Types enabled; thus rendering the SP list input type not usable. 

My interim workaround is to create a data connection thru excel to the list and then pull the data in that way, but optimally, I would like to pull directly from the list.


Content types are a best practice in SharePoint, so any list or library in my site collection contains them.


Please update the SharePoint list input to support content types.


thank you,


Someone else inquired about this but I didn't see an idea entered /


6 - Meteoroid

So far I can see, the SharePoint List Input extract content types (or customized columns) (at least for documents), but it lacks information about the full path of the files nor the names, so you really don't know what files the properties are assigned to, or the ability to open and extract files filtered on customized properties. See my question for more details. 

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