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Enhance Email tool to Allow for Creating Draft Emails

There is an extensive need from customers to be able to create emails but not send them (right away at least).

I'm in the banking sector and I have been seeing many banks using Alteryx and Alteryx server in their routines. Also, when it comes to sending automatic e-mails in this sector, its very risky. We need a "four eyes check" when dealing with clients information. Currently there is no workaround that could be applied to e-mail tool when used in Alteryx server as well.

My idea is to simply create a button "Save in draft" in e-mail tool to create an .eml format as output. This .eml can be read by outlook and thus, it creates a draft.

This also should be taken into account when dealing with drafts in alteryx server, so that any user can run the workflow and get the desired draft.


9 - Comet

Love this idea!

17 - Castor

Absolutely, great idea, perhaps comment on the other idea too linking to this one, so that we can see the customer stories across the platform and build up the functionality needed around the email tool.


Thank you for submitting your idea, its a great one.

12 - Quasar

Hi @Joker_Hazard 


Great idea.  We have same need for such and have resorted to using alternate solutions.  I also think that the email tool would be better if allowing to send email with voting options, eg. Yes, No, Maybe

11 - Bolide

@HomesickSurfer Hey Home! Thanks for the comment.

If I may ask, what are the alternate solutions you implemented? I'm looking for the same thing.


12 - Quasar

Hi @Joker_Hazard 


Our workaround is to create a MS Form, have Alteryx send the email with a link to the form.  Responses are collected and can be exported from Forms to Excel for further handling.  Colleagues have also utilized Power Automate.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Accepting Votes